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Stay Ahead of the Competition With an Outsourced Software Development Team

Great outsourced development teams are a competitive advantage to any company that values technology.
Outsourcing software and web development can be the most efficient way to run your organization. Technology continues to evolve at lightning speed. New technology today could easily become obsolete tomorrow. Competition is tight. This makes it absolutely necessary to keep on evaluating and adapting to new business strategies and trends to maintain the most cost-efficient business model, which includes outsourcing as a sensible solution.

The only alternative would be to keep all of your software development in-house. The cost of constantly retraining your team to stay on top of the latest technologies can skyrocket quickly. Software development firms are the best and most cost-effective solution. It is their business to stay ahead of the changing world of technology.

How to Source Your Own Development Team

The success of any project depends largely upon your team and how you have selected the most appropriate members for your organization. You can build a development team by searching for your own contractors and assembling a team, using a single outsourced shop, or using an agency.

If you're looking to scale your company's software development resources to support growth and innovation, it may be time to think about organizing an offshore development team to enhance your in-house group. But starting such a team may seem a bit daunting. Like many other companies, you may be unsure of what exactly you need to get a team up and running, or how to handle all of the challenges of a remote team, such as geographic distances, communication problems, and cultural differences.

Technology companies (as well as brick and mortar businesses that want to survive in a digital world) need help creating outsourced development teams. An agency can provide this help by answering all of your questions and matching you with the most suitable talents from around the world.

The ideal web development or app development team consists of:

  • A Project Manager
  • Software Developers
  • UX/UI Professionals
  • Quality Assurance Engineers

Very small businesses might find one person capable of handling all of these jobs, but as your company grows and the workload increases, your team will have to grow, as well.

What Does An Agency Do?

Outsourcing is hiring a third-party for certain tasks, complete projects or an entire part of your business, such as software development. Services that your team was responsible for will now be handled by a professional or a company specializing in that field.

An agency brings these professionals to you. The agency the globe for the most ideal talent to meet your needs. Whether you need one or two professionals or an entire company dedicated to web development, the perfect match will be found.

The agency does all of the leg work for you. Instead of posting your requirements on a job board, waiting for replies, and then searching through hundreds or thousands of resumes and company profiles, the agency provides you with the talent you need, when you need it.

Experienced agencies will have a talent pool of favorite providers they can dip into whenever the need arises. If the talent pool doesn't have any suitable candidates, they will find one. Having a group of providers on hand cuts down on the wait time for you. You can have your web development team up and running in no time!

How is Outsourced Team Different?

Growing web development teams or finding effective developers is one of the biggest challenges innovative leaders face. Outsourced.team makes this process painless. We've combed the globe in search of the best. Less than 1% of the professionals and companies we reviewed have made the cut.

Outsourced Team has over 20 years of experience creating outsourced development teams and matching them with scalable organizations throughout the world. We've taken a fresh approach to matching web development teams with companies: we've put in the hard work ahead of time, assessing thousands of teams for their talent levels and expertise, ensuring our clients only work with the best of the best. After carefully evaluating your existing team and your needs, we match you with the perfect talent or company of professionals. We then help integrate the team into your business.

We provide:

  • High Quality, highly vetted development teams – We don't just match you with any team. We put in the extra effort to source and screen every development team that we work with. Very few meet our high standards.
  • Perfect fit – The right fit is everything. We take the time to fully assess your needs to ensure the development team matches your development process and short and long-term goals. If it's not a fit, we'll find one that is.
  • Adaptability – The development teams we provide quickly embed themselves into your team, instantly scaling up your development efforts.
We are with you for the long run. Your project is our product, so we strive to build long-term relationships to help you meet your development goals.

Cost vs Benefit of Using an Agency

It takes an extreme amount of time, effort, and money to find the perfect web development professionals, an agency may be the answer for you.


A recruitment agency is the go-between for companies and talent. They match vacancies or company needs with the best possible candidates. They also provide support to both the talent and the client. Whether you need one professional or a whole development team, the agency will quickly and efficiently fill that need.

Other benefits include:

  • Faster hiring process: The recruitment agency is already well established, you don't have to attract or shortlist suitable applicants.
  • Higher quality candidates: Finding top talent can be a very difficult task. The agency will only provide you with the very highest talent in your field, each carefully vetted and ready to start immediately.
  • Specialized knowledge: An agency specializes in a certain industry. This gives them inside knowledge of what talent is out there and what each is capable of.
  • Fill a temporary need: Sometimes you only need help for a short time. Putting in all that time and effort finding the right web development team, short term, is an expensive endeavor.


A recruitment agency is a business, and as such, charges for its services. The cost varies for a number of reasons, for example, the type of talent you are looking for. These costs may seem like a lot to pay up-front, but when you consider how much time and effort it will cost to do your own recruiting, you will see the value behind these fees.

Cost/Benefit of Assembling Your Own Team of Development Contractors

Most companies don't realize how much it costs to find a web development team. It can take months to post your jobs and search through all of the applicants. Then you have to shortlist your results and interview the ones remaining. This is an arduous ordeal. Selecting just one app development company out of many qualified candidates is very difficult.

After weighing all of the pros and cons, you will find that hiring a professional agency like Outsourced Team is the wisest and most cost-effective solution to finding the best outsourced software development team.